RevoKind founder and CEO featured in mini documentary about Denver Startup Week

RevoKind founder and CEO, Justin Caswell, was featured in the mini-documentary The Humanity of Denver Startup Week, highlighting the company’s focus on developing virtualized SIM cards on the blockchain and local engagement.

The documentary was conceptualized by Joseph Imbriano, founder of Omnikai, and edited by Alex Curry, founder of EXYST Media. Imbriano and Curry said, “What started out as a way to learn about what bright minds are working on in this city transformed into discovering the humanity behind Denver Startup Week.”

Denver Startup Week is the largest free entrepreneurial event in North America, and claims to be “a celebration of everything entrepreneurial in Denver.” 2019 marked the eighth consecutive year of the event, which attracted more than 20,000 attendees.

Peter Adams, a managing partner at Rockies Impact Fund, said: “from the investor’s point of view, this is the most exciting event of the year.”

In the documentary, Caswell iterated, “Our business is at this paradigm shift, where we’ve got traction. We’ve got a product-market fit. So, [Denver Startup Week was] the perfect time to come out and really engage the investor community.”

Beyond engaging the investor community, RevoKind sought to meet and talk with the local Denver startup and blockchain community. Caswell said, “We want to have a bigger impact here locally with the blockchain community as a whole. We’re trying to get more involved with the Governor’s office, in the City of Denver, and with some universities. In the next 12 months, we want to see an increase in engagement, not just from a governance level, but also at a community level too.”

The Humanity of Denver Startup Week can be found at the link below:

About RevoKind

RevoKind software offers a new standard of blockchain network solutions for enterprise businesses that seek a competitive edge, and governments that need solutions to meet specific mission-critical objectives. The technology stack offers a fast and globally scalable identity and security solution designed to meet the needs of users and networks across various industries.

As an enterprise technology company, RevoKind is driving the future of communications and information sharing through an advanced internet architecture. To achieve this goal, RevoKind is developing an AI and autonomous real-time data communication system incorporated with distributed ledger technology. Patent-pending technology options make it easy for businesses to adopt and customize a unique enterprise-ready blockchain-based infrastructure.

RevoKind’s IDENT™ is an identity-centric solution that provides a simple way to combine complex and costly network-based services into a single Network as a Service (NaaS) solution. The IDENT™ Network will offer several services that can be accessed using a NaaS portal or through custom applications via the IDENT™ Software Development Kit (SDK) and plug-ins.

IDENT™ will provide an industry first in virtual Subscriber Identification Module (vSIM) technology that meets 3GPP and GSMA for global standards connectivity compliance — enabling RevoKind to offer global remote provisioning services for current LTE and 4G networks, 5G networks, and Mobile-Satellite Service (MSS) based networks.

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