Dr. Jay Misra joins RevoKind’s expanding advisory board

RevoKind is excited to announce that Dr. Satyajayant (Jay) Misra is among RevoKind’s first three members on its expanding advisory board. Dr. Misra is an associate professor in computer sciences at New Mexico State University (NMSU), who has expertise and experience in designing novel networking solutions.

Dr. Misra is advising RevoKind because he believes RevoKind can have an impact on the technology surrounding the internet of things (IoT) and edge computing in the telecommunications, fintech, and government industries.

RevoKind can use the blockchain and identity technologies to enable seamless mobility for devices of users and also help manage the identity of the plethora of devices. These two enablers will be essential for the IoT and edge computing revolution of the future.

Dr. Misra believes, “the solutions for identity and revocation have the potential to solve a longstanding problem with the certificate, identity management and revocation mechanisms (an open research concern). The seamless use of identity for devices when traveling across the world is a very exciting solution; this is also an open problem in the area.”

In his advisory role, Dr. Misra intends to build upon ideas established in long conversations about RevoKind’s layers with its CEO and founder, Justin Caswell. One such idea includes developing networking solutions for IoT devices through named data networking (NDN) and media access control (MAC) layer based communication.


Dr. Misra received his Ph.D. degree in computer science from Arizona State University, Tempe, in 2009, and his integrated M.Sc. (Tech.) information systems and M.Sc. (Hons.) physics degrees from the Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani, India, in 2003.

His research expertise includes cybersecurity and computer networking. Currently, Dr. Misra’s research interests include the design and development of anonymity, security, and network resilience protocols for IoT, cyber-physical systems (CPS), and edge computing networks.

Dr. Misra has peer-reviewed more than 80 publications in several Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) areas of interest, including transactions on networks and mobile computing, supercomputing, and biomedical circuits, among others. His research has garnered over 4,400 international citations. Further, Dr. Misra also has a patent-pending in low-power secure communications for wireless IoT devices.

His previous board experience includes serving on the editorial board of the IEEE Communications Surveys and Tutorials, the executive committee of several conference technical program committees (TPC), and as the TPC co-chair in several international conferences and workshops.

About RevoKind

RevoKind is a blockchain network solutions company developing an AI and autonomous real-time data communication system with distributed ledger technology. The technology stack offers an identity and security solution that is fast and globally scalable to meet the needs of users and networks across various industries.

As an enterprise technology company, RevoKind is driving the future of communications and information sharing through advanced internet architecture. Patent-pending technology options make it easy for businesses to adopt and customize a unique enterprise-ready blockchain-based infrastructure.

Currently, RevoKind’s core communication and blockchain technologies are licensable for network integration in the government, telecommunications, energy, logistics, and fintech sectors. RevoKind software offers a new standard of blockchain network solutions for businesses and governments that want a competitive edge.

RevoKind’s first product, IDENT, is an identity solution that provides virtual SIM (vSIM) with remote provisioning and a rich feature set of communication and distributed ledger technologies.

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