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World’s first IoT-Blockchain built on Named Data Networking (NDN) is created upon genesis block.

Swarm Sync Protocol will disrupt the blockchain industry with its future internet architecture.


RevoKind, Inc.
Mar12, 2019, 08:43 MT


DENVER, March 8, 2019 / PRNewswire / — RevoKind announced a robust blockchain communications software called Swarm Sync™ Protocol after creating the first block in the immutable record (the genesis block).  The blockchain is integrated with Named Data Networking, or NDN, which is a University research consortium including 20 worldwide institutions.  RevoKind’s software enables enterprise companies to easily adopt and customize blockchain infrastructure for immediate cost and security benefits.

RevoKind’s Software Generation Capabilities:
“We are very excited to provide our clients with a tool for more reliable and streamlined data communications that can truly restructure a wide range of systems” said Justin Caswell, Founder and CEO of RevoKind. “Better communications infrastructure leads to better operational efficiency at every level of a company or organization.”

What type of businesses will be directly impacted by this new communication methodology?

  • Telecommunications
  • Financial Services
  • Logistics & Supply Chain
  • Government & Institutional

RevoKind’s Swarm Sync™ protocol simplifies and automates the process of transacting in distributed systems.  After initial setup, clients will only need to process information as they normally would, and then run the occasional update to the software as needed.

“We have designed Swarm Sync™ to handle complex issues related to not only telecommunication systems, but also for high level processing in finance, logistics, and anything involving big data,” stated Eric Gustavson, Senior VP of Finance for RevoKind.

A proof-of-concept demo was completed in order to display the software with a real-world use case involving IoT, or Internet of Things.  IoT refers to devices such as watches or thermostats that can connect to the cloud, and in this case, connect through Swarm Sync™ Protocol. The demo shows direct connectivity between devices without having to route the data to an external server.  Applied at scale, direct communications can save significant time and resources, while ensuring a high level of security for the data.

As businesses look to be on the forefront of technology, they need a strong communications system like Swarm Sync™ to ensure speed, throughput, privacy, security, and full interoperability.  RevoKind helps companies maintain a competitive advantage by eliminating outdated systems and streamlining existing processes.  RevoKind provides blockchain solutions that growing companies need while being easy to use and easy to implement.  And with real-time insights into all your lines of businesses, you can make better informed decisions.

If your business is planning on implementing blockchain technology to benefit your current platform, consider RevoKind software.  Want to learn more about RevoKind?  Schedule a Demo at


About RevoKind

RevoKind is a blockchain network solutions company developing an AI and autonomous real-time data communication system with distributed ledger technology. The technology stack offers an identity and security solution that is fast and globally scalable to meet the needs of users and networks across various industries.

As an enterprise technology company, RevoKind is driving the future of communications and information sharing through advanced internet architecture. Patent-pending technology options make it easy for businesses to adopt and customize a unique enterprise-ready blockchain-based infrastructure.

Currently, RevoKind’s core communication and blockchain technologies are licensable for network integration in the government, telecommunications, energy, logistics, and fintech sectors. RevoKind software offers a new standard of blockchain network solutions for businesses and governments that want a competitive edge.

RevoKind’s first product, IDENT, is an identity solution that provides virtual SIM (vSIM) with remote provisioning and a rich feature set of communication and distributed ledger technologies.

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