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The Future of Dapps: How they Relate to Core Infrastructure & Interoperability – Justin Caswell


The Future of Dapps: How they Relate to Core Infrastructure & Interoperability

After starting a project back in 2002, it was very apparent that it would take most of a lifetime to complete it. An emergence and convergence of technologies would need to occur before it could even be possible. To the world’s amazement and my own, this has happened, and allows for the completion of a lifelong project.

“The internet was meant to make the world a less centralised place, but the opposite has happened.”
-Ludwig Siegele
The Economist June 30th 2018

The past, present, and future of decentralized applications, traditional applications, the core infrastructure of the Internet, and what is going to happen now and over the next decade.  Explore the truth about blockchain, distributed ledger technology, and how they relate to the entire global communications infrastructure.

RevoKind Founder & CEO Justin Caswell presents at Distributed Consensus (DISCON) at ETown Hall in Boulder, CO.

Event Date: 8-4-2018

Event Info:

The DISCON mission is rooted in the idea of moving the Digital Currency & Distributed space forward through original research and ideas. DISCON is a platform for new ideas and innovation in the digital currency and distributed web space to emerge, evolve, and grow. Anyone that’s interested in taking part in the fascinating conversation about blockchain, digital currency, and a more decentralized web is encouraged to attend. For our inaugural conference in Boulder, CO we’re focused on a functional event with quality presentations, interactive conversations and unique networking. We believe that collaboration and diversity are key to implementing the DISCON vision.