Revokind: IDENT ™

IDENT™ is a global wireless network access solution that uses distributed ledger technology to eliminate SIM’s and simplify their associated activation and accounts.  It provides modernized security for identity, advanced provisioning and billing, and user defined data control. IDENT™ can be used on any wireless device across any network.
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Enterprise Solution

IDENT™ will use Revokind patented core technology to deliver a full stack solution for Telecom Companies, Mobile Virtual Network Carriers, IoT Hardware/Software Companies, and 5G Companies.

  • User Identity & Security
  • Subscriber Activation & Device Provisioning
  • Billing, Payments, & Accounts
  • User & Device Data Control and Flow

Imagine never changing your number or phone while traveling the world.

New Internet Architecture

IDENT™ is built on a patented protocol called Swarm Sync™.  It is based on applying artificial intelligence and machine learning to swarms of peer-to-peer networks, creating a completely decentralized and secure solution.

This is an entirely new blockchain that is built on Named Data Networking (NDN) architecture.  NDN has enormous advantages, since the technology was started at Xerox Parc, further developed by the Named Data Networking Consortium, and advanced into commercial use by Cisco Systems.

Advanced Security

Every year, Subscriber Identification Module (SIM) related fraud leads to billions of dollars in losses for companies and individuals. The vulnerabilities with SIM’s (and their associated provisioning and billing) lead to bank account clean-outs, identity theft, bogus charges, multi-million dollar lawsuits, and other types of fraud. The cost of SIM related fraud is typically passed on to the consumer.

IDENT™ has advanced security to significantly reduce or eliminate SIM related fraud.

IoT & 5G Ready

IDENT™ is the technology of the future to connect people and their devices in the world of Internet of Things.  It runs on Revokind core technology that allows users to have seamless, secure access to an unlimited number of devices, wherever they are in the world. IDENT™ not only works on existing infrastructure, it is fully future-proof for 5G and Web 3.0.


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