Our Patented Protocol

RevoKind has developed a scalable and streamlined consensus mechanism called Swarm Sync protocol, aimed at offering high level enterprise blockchain solutions.

New Internet Architecture

This patent-pending protocol is based on applying artificial intelligence and machine learning to swarms of peer-to-peer networks, creating a completely decentralized and secure solution for businesses.


Swarm Sync™

Swarm Sync™ protocol is an advanced consensus algorithm for blockchain networks. This is our core product and is sold as an SDK with a tiered licensing program for enterprise business level markets. All other products require this SDK.
Dynamic Smart Contracts™

Dynamic Smart Contracts™ are plugins to develop industry- specific smart contracts to run on networks using Swarm Sync™ protocol. It provides users sets of predefined libraries that can be easily created, deployed, and managed in real time.
Multi-One Payment System™

Our Multi-One Payment System™  provides Dapps the ability to accept multiple currency types per transaction, as well as allowing for various transaction types (chained, split, custom). It is sold and licensed as an individual plugin.

RevoXchange™ allows users to transact, exchange, transfer, and receive currencies directly within Dapps. It also allows for micro transactions, exchanges, trades, sends, and receives directly within the Dynamic Smart Contracts.


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