RevoKind is developing an artificially intelligent, autonomous communication system with distributed ledger technology that is fast as light, and is globally scalable to meet the needs of users and networks across the globe.  Enabled by multi-connection technology using A.I. with neural cryptography, IDENT™ will provide accelerated, secure communications for users and networks providing voice, video, messaging, data, and internet to populations and connected systems that use satellites or terrestrial delivery, including 5G deployments and critical control systems, where existing communication technologies are too unsecure, unreliable, or expensive.

One of a Kind

There is only one of you.  Our identity and our connections are who we are.  These should never be at risk.  It should be simple to go anywhere in the world and keep our connections and easy to make new ones.  Your identity, your call, your control.

IDENT™ uses virtual SIM technology to simplify wireless carrier activation and eliminates security vulnerabilities including social engineering identity theft.  Using biometric cryptography means users only have to create a single account one time.  No more usernames and passwords…ever. Simple control and use for wireless or wired devices, vehicles, services, or any system across any network.

IDENT™ comes with a rich feature set in one application for Consumers, Telecom Companies, Wireless Carriers, Mobile Virtual Network Operators, Internet Service Providers, Software & Cloud Companies, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM), and Government Entities.  These include:

  • User Identity & Security
  • Subscriber and Device Activation & Provisioning
  • Billing, Payments, & Accounts
  • User & Device Data Control and Flow
  • Secure & Encrypted Wallet with Multi-Currency Support
  • Fiat & Digital Asset Exchange Built-In

Distributed ledger technology that is mobile, compatible, secure, and fast as light.

New Internet Architecture

IDENT™ is built using revolutionary communication technologies that allow for multiple and simultaneous wireless and wired connections to any type of network on any device.  No more switching between networks and connections.  Users and devices can connect to each other and share connections for internet and network access.  This increases redundancy and allows for connectivity even in power outages or severe network conditions.

By utilizing A.I. built into the architecture,  every device optimizes routing data for the user.  Since it’s intelligent, the network also becomes more autonomous over time.  All of this is made possible through advanced security protocols and encryption to insure end-to-end privacy regardless of the route and path.

The result is lower latency, faster downloads, and decreased infrastructure for new networks.  5G deployments just got a lot easier and cheaper.  Existing networks will no longer have to be concerned about reaching routing capacity and will also benefit with increased bandwidth.


Advanced security to eliminate SIM & Identity related fraud.

IoT - 5G - CBRS

IDENT™ is the communications technology to connect people and their devices in the world of Internet of Things, 5G, and CBRS.  It runs on RevoKind core technology that allows users to have seamless, secure access to an unlimited number of devices, wherever they are in the world. IDENT™ not only works on existing infrastructure, it is fully future-proof for IoT, 5G, CBRS, and Web 3.0.


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